"I Have Spirit, Yes I Do"

School Spirit Scholarship

Winner receives $1500!

1st Place Spiritwear, the nation's undisputed leader in providing premium spiritwear to over 100,000 schools, is happy to announce a "I Have Spirit, Yes I Do" scholarship opportunity for high school seniors!

At 1st Place Spiritwear, spirit is not just a product we sell; it's a lifestyle we live! It's an enduring quality that can make the toughest of situations more palatable. Spirit can make an average athlete a great one. Spirit can make a middle-of-the-pack student a great student. You get the idea. In our country and our schools today, we need SPIRIT!!!

When a student shows spirit, passion, ambition, and dedication in events on and off campus, it is meaningful and contagious. Students who show school spirit can improve their experience and create endless memories that will stick with them long after graduation. School spirit also translates into higher expectations of one's self and surroundings, leading individuals to make positive changes for their schools, communities, and ultimately the world. We developed this scholarship to reward students who are trying to make this kind of difference!

1st Place Spiritwear is passionate about providing opportunities for students who are excited and show their school spirit! Studies have found that people who show their school spirit tend to not only show support and approval of their school, but they also tend to perform better academically, feel happier, engage more civically and participate more socially.

The Deadline to Apply is: 05/01/2023

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Passion. Support.
Excitment. Ambition. Dedication.

These are the qualities you'll find in a 1st Place Spiritwear applicant.

Here's what you need to know!

  1. The scholarship is open to all high school seniors in the United States who will be attending college in 2023 (community college or a 4-year university!)
  2. Applicants must write a short essay (300-500 words or more) to show us how you demonstrate school spirit
  3. Applications must be submitted through our website.  Click "APPLY HERE" to get started!
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